(26 Jun 2014)

While Germany prepare to play the United States in this evenings World Cup match, the drinks industry has released data that outlines how much tax the Irish and German consumer is paying on drinks as they settle in to watch the match tonight.

The consumption levels in both countries, per person per year, is more or less the same. Germans consume 11.80 litres per person, while Irish people consume 11.90 litres per person – again indicating that price does little to change consumption levels.

And as the table below shows – the Irish consumer is being hit – and hit hard.

Ireland vs Germany

                                                Ireland       Germany

Total tax on a Pint of Beer            €1.42           €0.79

Total tax on a Bottle of Spirits      €16.41         €7.48

Total Tax on a Bottle of Wine       €4.50           €1.12

Total tax per person per year        €733.08       €307.32

Meanwhile, recent Eurostat data showed that Ireland has the highest price for alcohol in Europe.

Average price for a pint beer: €4.67
Average price for a pint of cider: €4.75
Average price for a bottle of wine: €10.63
Average price for a bottle of whiskey: €25.36

Bart Storan, Campaign Manager for ‘Support Your Local…’ which is bringing the message about the positive role that the industry plays in Ireland around the country stated:

“In less than 12 months (between December 2012 and October 2013) the Irish government increased:

•             excise on beer by 44%

•             excise on spirits by 37%

•             excise on wine by 62%

Excise Duty is a tax that we can no longer afford- a tax on the hard-pressed Irish consumers. If you’re going to facilitate growth in this sector, the Government needs to reverse this tax.

We’d call on the people of Ireland to ‘Support your local…’. This is an industry that employs 92,000 people in every corner of the island, buys €1.1 billion worth of Irish inputs, and offers a unique hospitality experience, renowned internationally, in the pubs of Ireland.”




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