20 Reasons to Support Gold Star Awards

Gary O’Donovan, of O’Donovans Off-Licence Group, and Vice-Chairman of NOffLA, has identified twenty good reasons that NOffLA members should support the NOffLA Gold Star award-winning wines

1) The fifteen NOffLA Gold Star Awards are exclusive to NOffLA members.
2) Your local opposition won’t have this luxury.
3) Margins are a minimum of 25% return on all winning wines.
4) Award winning wines cover new world and old world categories.
5) The under €8 category is currently the No 1 retail selling point on the Irish Market – and the awards cover the pertinent price points above this!
6) Award winners are current and relevant, i.e. the wines were judged in August.
7) The Wines are ideal for recommendation by less wine-confident members of staff
8) Display big means big sales. Once award wines /sections set up in prominent in-store position, sales will be self-perpetuating.
9) Having the Gold Star Awards endorses a NOffLA member’s wine credentials.
10) Award winning wines don’t have presence in the multiples.
11) Supporting these awards strongly strengthens NOffLA’s position in the Irish drinks industry.
12) You are supporting wine companies who support NOffLA.
13) A ready-made / tailor-made wine promotion for members this Winter/Spring 2011.
14) The awards provide a reason to liaise with your local wine press. Good story.
15) Broaden your horizons in relation to potential new suppliers.
16) These Awards are the envy of the Irish Wine retailers.
17) Wines can form the basis of your corporate brochure this Xmas.
18) NOffLA Gold Star Awards provide the Unique Selling Points (USP) we all crave.
19) Substantial POS available on all award-winning wines, i.e. neck collars and posters.
20) Fifteen Silver Star and fifteen Bronze Star Awards to promote as well.

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