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(20 Oct 2010)

Training in Responsible trading is essential for those of you working in alcohol retail.  This highly regulated work environment means that you are vulnerable to fines, forced closures and your job or business could be put at risk.


Being a responsible retailer requires you to have well-trained staff who know their legal obligations and are competent and confident in dealing with situations that could potentially put you out of business.  Training staff improves retention rates, staff morale and improves performance.  It is a small investment compared with the fines that could be incurred as a result of incompetent, untrained staff.


However in today’s climate training staff can be challenging for employers, it can be difficult and costly to cover staff while they are training off-site. 


Now here is a cost-effective training solution for you that will not compromise your performance or leave you at risk with untrained staff.  Our unique on-line training facility enables all staff in alcohol retail to undertake responsible trading training at a time that suits them and you.  All you need is internet access.  It really is that simple!


Why train online?

  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Save time and money – no travel costs
  • Flexible – learn at your own pace
  • User friendly

RTC On-Line

Selling alcohol is a serious business.  This on-line training course is a one-stop-shop for all staff involved in alcohol retail who are serious about their careers.  Individuals are awarded a certificate on successful completion of the course.  So, if you want to know your legal obligations, how to refuse a sale appropriately and become part of an on-line community in your industry, sign up now!

  • Timeframe allowed – 2 weeks
  • Internet access essential
  • Follow the course step by step
  • Certificate issued online


Simply register at 01-296 23 26 or email rtc@ireland.com

Your Responsible Trading Certificate is just a click away

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